php - How Do I Pass Which Item I Want To Delete?


I've inherited this code and fairly new to Laravel. But we have a cart and we can add items to the cart. But the part to delete items from the cart isn't working. Each line has a delete Remove button. But somehow needs to pass to the controller which item it needs to remove.
the cart.blade.php has: @foreach($custom_quote_items as $custom_quote_item)


                <td><p>{{ $custom_quote_item->name }}</p></td>
                <td><p>{{ $custom_quote_item->description }}</p></td>
                <td><p>{{ intval($custom_quote_item->quantity) }}</p></td>
                <td><p>{{ $custom_quote_item->pricing($custom_quote_item->name) }}</p></td>
                        {{ Form::open(array('action' => '[email protected]', 'method' => 'DELETE')) }}

                        {{ Form::hidden('id', $custom_quote_item->id) }}

                        {{ Form::submit('Remove', array('class'=>'btn btn-default')) }}

                        {{ Form::close() }}


The CustomQuoteController.php has

    public function removeFromQuote()

    $item_exists = true;

    //          $custom_quote_item = CustomQuoteItem::find(Input::get('id'));
     $custom_quote_item = CustomQuoteItem::find(Input::get('name'));
      //            $custom_quote_item = CustomQuoteItem::find(197);
        print("End NAME\n");
        $custom_quote_items = Session::get('custom_quote_items');

        if(count($custom_quote_items) > 0 )

            foreach($custom_quote_items as $key => $item_in_cart)

            if($item_in_cart->name == $custom_quote_item->name)


                    Session::set('custom_quote_items', $custom_quote_items);

                    return Redirect::back()->with('success', 'Item has been removed.');




        return Redirect::back()->with('errors', 'Item was not removed.');



The line: $custom_quote_item = CustomQuoteItem::find(Input::get('id')); returns back null so I know the id isn't working but neither is the name. So figured it's on the blade side.

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