php - How to add Header and Footer in Dompdf?


I am generating a html2pdf using Dompdf and my code is

$html='<div>--content of pdf--</div>';
$dompdf = new DOMPDF();
$output = $dompdf->output();

My pdf generated successfully now i want to add image in header of that pdf so can any one tell me how can i insert header and footer for Dompdf and specially where to put the header code?




From dompdf FAQ

Q: How can I add an image to a header or footer on every page? A: You can add images and shapes (line, rectangles, etc.) to every page using PDF 'objects'. A PDF object captures all rendering commands as a sort of template that can then be added to multiple pages:

<script type="text/php">

if ( isset($pdf) ) {

  // Open the object: all drawing commands will
  // go to the object instead of the current page
  $footer = $pdf->open_object();

  $w = $pdf->get_width();
  $h = $pdf->get_height();

  // Draw a line along the bottom
  $y = $h - 2 * $text_height - 24;
  $pdf->line(16, $y, $w - 16, $y, $color, 1);

  // Add an initals box
  $font = Font_Metrics::get_font("helvetica", "bold");
  $text = "Initials:";
  $width = Font_Metrics::get_text_width($text, $font, $size);
  $pdf->text($w - 16 - $width - 38, $y, $text, $font, $size, $color);
  $pdf->rectangle($w - 16 - 36, $y - 2, 36, $text_height + 4, array(0.5,0.5,0.5), 0.5);

  // Add a logo
  $img_w = 2 * 72; // 2 inches, in points
  $img_h = 1 * 72; // 1 inch, in points -- change these as required
  $pdf->image("print_logo.png", "png", ($w - $img_w) / 2.0, $y - $img_h, $img_w, $img_h);

  // Close the object (stop capture)

  // Add the object to every page. You can
  // also specify "odd" or "even"
  $pdf->add_object($footer, "all");



Here are step by step instructions:

Somewhere in your html file, near the top, open a script tag with a "text/php" type:

<script type="text/php">

Check if the $pdf variable is set. dompdf sets this variable when evaluating embedded PHP.

<script type="text/php">

if ( isset($pdf) ) {

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