php - How to allow 'http' only in the Access Rules array


In Yii, I am finding a way how to restrict the url that accesses my controller actions to 'http' only. I am thinking about how to get the url in a Yii way so that I can place my code in the 'expression' attribute of the array.




You can write a filter method in your base controller (components/Controller.php):

public function filterOnlyHttp($filterChain = null) {
    if (Yii::app()->request->isSecureConnection) {

It will redirect yourhttps:// tohttp:// requests. You can configure this filter for specific controller actions in a method in a controller:

public function filters() 
    return array(

If you generally want that redirect all yourhttps requests, then you could also put theif above (without theelse part) into theinit() method of your base controller incomponents/Controller.php.

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