php - How to display newly added attributes in magento?


I added a new attribute inMagento.

 Attribute Label -> Weight Available 
 Attribute code -> weight_multi
 input type -> multiple select 
 values are -> 1,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5

Now I want toecho theWeight Available attribute in page.

To displayName of the product we can useecho $_product->getName();

How to displayWeight Available attribute?

$_product object contain all product details.

But when I try

var_dump($_product->weight_multi); This gives

string(26) "30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22"

This is strange the expected value is1,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5. How can I resolve this?? And how to display the newly added attribute in page by code.

I triedecho $_product->getWeight_multi();. But no luck..

I am using Magento

Please help me...




You can print value like this :


if you want to display attribute in product page. the go to admin panel -> catalog -> attributes ->manage attributes -> select your attribute to edit

there you will find "Visible on Product View Page on Front-end" set to yes then it will be displayed in product page.

check also in admin panel if there is any warning then refresh index and refresh cache.




You have to either add the attribute to your collection filter or load each product so you have access to all of its attributes:

require_once( 'app/Mage.php' );


$sCustomerId = 1;
$oQuotes = Mage::getModel( 'sales/quote' )->getCollection();
$oQuotes->addFieldToFilter( 'customer_id', $sCustomerId );
foreach( $oQuotes as $oQuote )
    var_dump( $oQuote->getId() );
    var_dump( $oQuote->getData( 'customer_email' ) );
    var_dump( $oQuote->getData( 'customer_id' ) );

    $oItems = Mage::getModel( 'sales/quote_item' )
        ->setQuote( $oQuote );
    foreach( $oItems as $oItem )
        $oProduct = $oItem->getProduct();
        $oProductModel = Mage::getModel( 'catalog/product' )->load( $oProduct->getId() );
        $sWeight = $oProductModel->getData( 'weight_multi' );
        var_dump( $sWeight );
        $sFormat  = $oProductModel->getAttributeText( 'weight_multi' );
        var_dump( $sFormat );

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