php - How to Display total mysql queries executed specific mysqli class


I am using this php class. here it is

Could someone tell me how I can get the number of queries that have been run during a trace session. The trace documentation is at the end of the documentation page on github.




According to this documentation, each trace is stored in the object as an array seeprint_r ($db->trace); at the end.

Query exectution time benchmarking

To track query execution time setTrace() function should be called.

$db->setTrace (true);
// As a second parameter it is possible to define prefix of the path which should be striped from filename
// $db->setTrace (true, $_SERVER['SERVER_ROOT']);
print_r ($db->trace);

    [0] => Array
            [0] => SELECT  * FROM t_users ORDER BY `id` ASC
            [1] => 0.0010669231414795
            [2] => MysqliDb->get() >>  file "/avb/work/PHP-MySQLi-Database-Class/tests.php" line #151

    [1] => Array
            [0] => SELECT  * FROM t_test
            [1] => 0.00069189071655273
            [2] => MysqliDb->get() >>  file "/avb/work/PHP-MySQLi-Database-Class/tests.php" line #152

So you can get the number of queries executed by just doing

$num = count($db->trace);

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