php - How to dynamically load a list of classes?


I would like to load a list of classes dynamically. The general idea would be to have a sort of manifest/config file that contains an array list of classes and then they would "automatically" be loaded into my application instead of needing to manually do something like

use App\Controllers\UserController;
use App\Controllers\ContractController;
use App\Controllers\SubscriptionController;

It seems there must be some way to achieve this as the Laravel framework does something similar with service providers. You register the classes once inconfig/app.php and then these provider classes are auto loaded onto the app.




If you are looking for a native/homemade solution without any PSR0/4 convention or composer package manager, you can consider use spl_autoload_register and __autoload to make your own logic to resolve the classes.

But i would strongly recommend composer and PSR4 standarts for this.

Here is the example of a customer resolver/loader class

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