php - How to find array next value based on current value


I have array as below-

   [1] => admin
   [5d1acff7-51f5-d10a-8807-5ce3a25f3f01] => atul
   [9324e078-e651-09ab-856c-5d00cf1d6302] => tushar
   [3e4d9711-e4e0-f9de-8d40-5d021f3137fb] => praful
   [b283b589-c527-389f-498b-5cf0ea2338e1] => suraj


Here I cant find the next value based on key,so I want to find next value based on current value. Suppose I have current value is 'atul' now I want next value as 'tushar' with its key.




Get the offset of the search string, increment it, then access the key and value from the isolated element.

Checking for a{-code-1} boolean result fromarray_search() is critical. Otherwise incrementing{-code-1} becomes1, and then you have an incorrect script.

Code: (Demo) (or var_export the element)

$array = [
   1 => 'admin',
   '5d1acff7-51f5-d10a-8807-5ce3a25f3f01' => 'atul',
   '9324e078-e651-09ab-856c-5d00cf1d6302' => 'tushar',
   '3e4d9711-e4e0-f9de-8d40-5d021f3137fb' => 'praful',
   'b283b589-c527-389f-498b-5cf0ea2338e1' => 'suraj'

$values = array_values($array);
$offset = array_search('atul', $values);

if ($offset !== {-code-1} && isset($values[++$offset])) {
    $element = array_slice($array, $offset, 1, true);
    echo key($element) , " : " , current($element);
} else {
    echo "not found or no next";


9324e078-e651-09ab-856c-5d00cf1d6302 : tushar

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