php - How to find out my own composer package stability?


I have some own composer packages. I add them using composer directly from my github account (I have not created packages for them yet). I do understand that I can mark my package as stable using git tag like

$ git tag v1.0.1

The question is: Are there any specific rules or requirements for composer packages stability? For example, do I have to add unit tests to my repository before marking it as "stable'. Or do I have to create "alpha" or "RC" tags first?




There isn't anything formal about how pre-release tags are applied. Most Composer projects use semantic versioning, but that doesn't go into any detail of the pre-release stages. Overall their application is subjective and there aren't any formal requirements for any given stage.

The Wikipedia article on the software release life cycle has a good description of the generally accepted use of the terms. You may also be interested in other views, such as Jeff Atwood's or Drupal's.

Ultimately, the stability of your software is something you are in the best position to judge. Unit tests and known bugs will help you to decide, but there isn't a checklist to run through (which perhaps wouldn't be a bad idea).

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