php - How to get notification when a new text is added to a file?


There is a text file that errors from a script will be saved into.

Each error on a new line, Then these errors will be shown on a new admin menu.

Here is the code to save the errors:

$error = 'Error Message';
file_put_contents('erros.txt', $error.PHP_EOL , FILE_APPEND | LOCK_EX);

Getting the errors from that text file:


My question is how to create a notification when a new error is thrown to that file?

Something like when a new WordPress update, Or stackoverflow notifications.

Should I for example add some code beneath thefile_put_contants() function that creates the notification?

It doesn't be so fancy, Maybe just a red element without numbers, Something that tells there is a new text added.

WordPress Notifications Screenshot




The first thing that comes into my mind: use an alias for file_put_contents and whenever you add text to the file you insert a value in a DB. At this point it is "easy" to know how many unread notifications you have.




you could use filemtime to see if the file got modified since last check

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: Apache PHP project root handler / front controller pattern


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