php - How to get the user's system clock time to display in a web application?


I noticed when I accessed my gmail account after I changed my system clock on windows 7 from Pacific to Eastern time, the timestamp in all my emails went up by 3 hours.

Is there a way I can obtain a user's system clock time so I can display it in a web application?

I mainly use php for writing web apps but I did not see and$_SESSION variables that contain that information.




PHP doesn't run on the client but on the server, so if you want to do this you can use some JavaScript.

function set_time() {

var d = new Date();
var c_hour = d.getHours();
var c_min = d.getMinutes();
var c_sec = d.getSeconds();
var t = c_hour + ":" + c_min + ":" + c_sec;
return t;


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