php - How to get the website name based on whether the website supports http or https?


I have links of the following shape: and I would like to return the http/https part with the website name and domain. So for example, if I have

I would like to return

if I have

I would like to return

I now have this very basic code to achieve this:

$urlData = parse_url('');
echo "https://".$urlData['host'];

However, I would like that the code looks at the url and decide which prefix it should be,http orhttps. How can I achieve that?




I adjusted my code based on the advice from @RiggsFolly as follows and achieved what I wanted:

$urlData = parse_url('');
echo $urlData['scheme'].'://'.$urlData['host'];

which returns as wished.




Get the first five characters of the input string and then compare it if it's "https" or http:".

Quoting linked question:

For single-byte strings (e.g. US-ASCII, ISO 8859 family, etc.) use and for multi-byte strings (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.) use :

    // singlebyte strings
    $result = substr($myStr, 0, 5);
    // multibyte strings
    $result = mb_substr($myStr, 0, 5);

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