php - how to manage plugin with cake's acl?


I am having trouble with cake's ACL. My intention is to manage my plugins with ACL.

When I'm loading a page (pages/display), it works correct.

But, when I'm loading a page from my plugin (cms/users/index), I get the following:

Warning (512): DbAcl::check() - Failed ARO/ACO node lookup in permissions check. Node references: Aro: Array ( [User] => Array ( [id] => 1 [email] => [email protected] [firstname] => admin [lastname] => [zip] => [city] => [group_id] => 1 [created] => 1390647137 [modified] => 1390647137 ) ) Aco: controllers/Cms/Users/index [CORE\Cake\Model\Permission.php, line 92]

so, I have no idea what's going on here...

My aros_acos table has the folowing line:

id: 4;
aro_id: 5
aco_id: 15
_create / _read / _update / _delete = 1

My aro_id links to:

id: 5
parent_id: (null)
model: Group
foreign_key: 1
alias: (null)
lft: 1
rght: 4

My aco_id links to:

id: 15
parent_id: (null)
model: (null)
foreign_key: (null)
alias: controllers
lft: 1
rght: 30

This is a tree-structure, between 1 and 30, is the Cms-plugin (14, 15).

My question: it seems cake doesn't recognize the plugin-page. How to fix this?

Many many thanks!


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