php - How to properly update password in Laravel?


I have a Laravel application where I use a custom user authentication. Now i'm trying to allow user to update their password, the issue I'm running into there is that I need to check for the old password, if the field is not empty than I want to check if the new password matches the password repeat filed, if it does than update it here is the code I have in controller:

$newpass = $request->input('password');
$passrepeat = $request->input('passwordRepeat');

if ($oldPass = $request->input('oldPassword') != null)
  if (Hash::check($request->oldPassword, auth()->user()->password)){
       if ($newpass = $passrepeat){

                 $password = bcrypt($request['password']);
                 $user->password = $password;


and then I update it:


But my code seem to not even check for the password field. I'm clearly making mistakes when I check for the oldPassword field. There are just too many options that I can try so I decided ask as a question.

Laravel 5.4




From the docs:

Thecheck method allows you to verify that a given plain-text string corresponds to a given hash. However, if you are using theLoginController included with Laravel, you will probably not need to use this directly, as this controller automatically calls this method:

if (Hash::check('plain-text', $hashedPassword)) {




Just Replace these two lines

  $password = bcrypt($request['password']);
  $user->password = $password;


 $user->password = password_hash($request->password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT);

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