php - How to retrieve all records after one with an ID in symfony?


Let's say I have a table that I sort alphabetically in symfony. Each item has a rather random id and I'd like to retrieve all items after a certain ID. For example:

Name      ID

Let's say I wanted to retrieve{-code-2} and{-code-3}. I know beforehand of the ID 3 and that I want everything after it.

How should I construct the statements to achieve this?

I don't care if the answer uses Propel, MySQL, SQL, or whatever. As long as it's possible.



-- Apple 5 Banana 9 Coconut 3 Date 1 Eggplant 8|||Date|||Eggplant



FROM tbl1
WHERE name > (
  SELECT name
  FROM tbl1
  WHERE id = 3

(runs at least with Postgres and with Just Aguy's SQL Fiddle)




Here is a SQLFiddle that shows this working. The query is simple, just do some matching on the first letter. I don't like the idea of the hardcoded value of 3 being there. Is there a process that's going to set the value of the id?

    select name from tbl1 
    where (Left(name,1)) > (select Left(name,1) 
                        from tbl1 where id = 3)
    order by name asc

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