php - how to run xml request on wsdl url


I am having following request

    <?xml version="1.0" ?> 
         <Root Code="3121" Name="PrivateCarInsurancePolicy">
            <PropRisks_AuthorityLocation Type="String" Value="MUMBAI" />
            <PropRisks_ChassisNumber Type="String" Value="C333333" />
            <PropRisks_CompulsoryPAwithOwnerDriver Type="Boolean" Value="True" />
            <PropRisks_CubicCapacity Type="Double" Value="1498" />
            <PropRisks_DateofRegistration Type="String" Value="26/02/2016" />
            <PropRisks_Engineno Type="String" Value="E333333" />
            <PropRisks_FuelType Type="String" Value="Diesel" />
            <PropRisks_FuelTypeGLMConsmCvr Type="Double" Value="1.18" />
            <PropRisks_FuelTypeGLMDepCvr Type="Double" Value="1.47" />
            <PropRisks_FuelTypeGLMEngProt Type="Double" Value="1.28" />
            <PropRisks_FuelTypeGLMMultiplier Type="Double" Value="1.16" />
            <PropRisks_FuelTypeGLMRetInv Type="Double" Value="1.38" />
            <PropRisks_InsuredHasDrivinglicense Type="Boolean" Value="True" />
            <PropRisks_MainDriver Type="String" Value="Self - Owner Driver" />
            <PropRisks_ManufactureYear Type="Double" Value="2016" />
            <PropRisks_ManufacturerCode Type="String" Value="5" />
            <PropRisks_Model Type="String" Value="ECO SPORT" />
            <PropRisks_ModelVariant Type="String" Value="1.5D AMBIENTE MT " />
            <PropRisks_RegistrationNumber Type="String" Value="MH" />
            <PropRisks_RegistrationNumber2 Type="String" Value="01" />
            <PropRisks_RegistrationNumber3 Type="String" Value="SA" />
            <PropRisks_RegistrationNumber4 Type="String" Value="4102" />
            <PropRisks_RegistrationNumber5 Type="String" Value="" />
            <PropRisks_Relationship Type="String" Value="OTHERS" />
            <PropRisks_SeatingCapacity Type="Double" Value="5" />
            <PropRisks_Typeofbody Type="String" Value="" />
            <PropRisks_VehicleSegment Type="String" Value="" />
            <OwnerDriverNomineeDetails Name="OwnerDriverNomineeDetails" Value="GRP292">
            <OwnerDriverNomineeDetails Type="GroupData">
                <Nominee Name="Nominee" Value="qqqqq" Type="String" />
                <NomineeDOB Name="NomineeDOB" Value="01/01/2001" Type="String" />
                <Age Name="Age" Value="16" Type="Double" />
                <Relationship Name="Relationship" Value="OTHERS" Type="String" />
                <Nameofappointee Name="Nameofappointee" Value="rrrrr" Type="String" />
                <Relationshiptonominee Name="Relationshiptonominee" Value="Dependent Son" Type="String" />

        <PropCustomerDtls_CustomerID_Mandatary Type="String" Value="1000010399" />
        <PropCustomerDtls_CustomerName Type="String" Value="SANKET CHANDRASHEKHAR GADKARI" />
        <PropEndorsementDtls_DoubleINSOption Type="String" Value="Automatic" />
        <PropGeneralNodes_ApplicationDate Type="String" Value="26/02/2016" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_BranchOfficeCode Type="String" Value="90001" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_BusinessType_Mandatary Type="String" Value="New Business" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_OfficeName Type="String" Value="HO" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_PolicySchedule_Mandatary Type="String" Value="Yes" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_PrintingType Type="String" Value="With Policy Wording" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_ProposalDate_Mandatary Type="String" Value="26/02/2016" />
        <PropGeneralProposalInformation_Sector_Mandatary Type="String" Value="Urban" />
        <PropIntermediaryDetails_IntermediaryCode Type="String" Value="3101780000" />
        <PropIntermediaryDetails_IntermediaryName Type="String" Value="BAS EK  KING RAJPUT" />
        <PropPolicyEffectivedate_Fromdate_Mandatary Type="String" Value="26/02/2016" />
        <PropPolicyEffectivedate_Fromhour_Mandatary Type="String" Value="18:11" />
        <PropPolicyEffectivedate_Todate_Mandatary Type="String" Value="25/02/2017" />
        <PropPolicyEffectivedate_Tohour_Mandatary Type="String" Value="23:59" />


and I am having following URL to run

I tried on soap with POST method and header Content-Type : text/xml
in body part I have paste xml but it gives me bad request .

if I change Content-Type it gives me an error.

The server cannot service the request because the media type is unsupported.

does we required any soap tag????




If you're trying to send the request with PHP you should use the PHP SOAP client.

If you're just trying to send messages to the API to test it you can use a GUI SOAP client such as SoapUI.

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