php - How to stop PhpStorm from indexing my `excluded` directory?


Within PhpStorm 2018.1.6 I've got a directoryx which I have excluded usingSettings | Directories -> Exclude directory x. PhpStorm takes care of most of the directories which I have excluded but not this one. While I am editing/creating PHP tests PhpStorm constantly is busy with indexing this directory.

enter image description here

Directoryx is part of an imported project.

Is there any reason which PhpStorm can have to exclude an excluded directory and indexes it as well? The indexing process takes forever.

enter image description here




Things to try (from Jetbrain team):

  • Remove "Add packages as libraries" checkbox atPreferences |Languages & Frameworks |PHP |Composer (click Ok to save).

  • Check that you don't have those excluded directories added asinclude path atPreferences | Languages & Frameworks | PHP afterward.

Test by rebuilding cacheFile |Invalidate Caches / Restart...

I encountered this problem when I had the root project path listed in theinclude path and filed it as a bug and they suggested these things.

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