php - how works or operator in if statements and print


I have two questions

1) how can i make php to check getnext() function,if it exists or what value it has ???

$a = 1;
if($a == 1 or getnext()== 1){
    echo "yeap";                 //this works

2)i want to write condition -- if $a or $b is equal to 1 , print the variable name that has the value of 1.

Is it possible to do in php ??can i do it this way???

if($a ==1 or $b==1){
    print($a or $b);    

thanks in advance:)




You could for example do as follows :

if($a ==1 || $b==1){
   print (($a == 1)? $a : $b);



For your first question,

yourgetnext() function must be return some valid integer value then only you can compare it with integer 1.

for second, You should write

if($a == 1 && $b == 1){
    echo 'both are 1';
else if($a == 1){
    echo '$a is 1';
else if($b == 1){
    echo '$b is 1';
    // both are not 1

also see this links, logical operators or vs || (double pipe) in php

PHP: return value from function and echo it directly?




You write condition? You use if and else, if no else in if you put return. Goodluck

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