php - i try to create table in mysql with use of random() function.?


I want to create able in mysql with random name of table name i try but cant created. this is my code

$sql="CREATE TABLE $temp_table (FirstName CHAR(30),LastName CHAR(30),Age INT)";



Identifiers may begin with a digit but unless quoted may not consist solely of digits. Try doing this instead:

$sql="CREATE TABLE $temp_table (FirstName CHAR(30),LastName CHAR(30),Age INT)";

function randLetter()
  return chr(97 + mt_rand(0, 25));



Try quoting the name:

$sql="CREATE TABLE `$temp_table` (FirstName CHAR(30),LastName CHAR(30),Age INT)";

MySQL doesn't like numbers as identifiers. (Or prefix with something liketable_.)

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