php - if statement mistake on jquery


hi there i am working on a jquery ajax solution for my webpage there is a getir.php i use it for jquery post data (it is a username) and if name exist it echo 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'

here it is

if (isset($_POST['name'])) {

it works fine i see true or false results in console but i have problems on jquery part

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#user_name_reg").blur(function () {
        txt = $(this).val();

        $.post("getir.php", {
            name: txt,
            method: "checkName"
        }, function (result) {

            if (result == 'TRUE') {
                $("span").html("answer true");
            } else {
                $("span").html("answer false");

i couldnot make it work the if statement . thank you for your suggestions




Given that your output from:

console.log(typeof result, result.length, result);

wasstring 78 true, we know 3 things:

  1. We're dealing with a string
  2. There's a lot of whitespace involved
  3. There's some weird case conversion going on.

The solution below accounts for these observations:

result = $.trim(result).toLowerCase();
if (result == 'true') {
    $("span").html("answer true");
} else {
    $("span").html("answer false");



If PHP is using the default content type: 'text/plain' and is really returning just either 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' without any leading whitespaces or other content surrounding it the example above will work. You should make this sure using quotes around the output when callingconsole.log(). Like this:

console.log("'" . result . "'");

If there are whitespaces around it, make sure that you have no content before the opening<?php tag or after the closing?> tag in PHP

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