php - Include file while passing GET Values in while loading?


I have a file which i created that requires you to pass in a specific key in order to load the full page, otherwise it will give you an error.

That all works great but i have another page where if you submit the form it will include the file which requires GET values, how do i go about doing this?

I tried:

include 'schedulechecker.php?key=1233key';



using GET values in include is not possible include does't use an http request it just gets the contents of the file and includes it in

you can use a variable and pass using it

$key = '123key';
include 'schedulechecker.php';

if you want to use get values for that file as well

just use another variable in shedulechecker.php and assign the value after checking if$_GET['key'] exist

if(isset($_GET['key'])&& $_GET['key']!=""){
    $key =$_GET['key'];



It is not pssible to pass your parameter usingGET withinclude You can do something like below.

$key = '123key';
include 'schedulechecker.php';

Now you can use$key in yourschedulechecker.php file.

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