php - Insert into table doesn't go in Postgres


i have created a page to insert element into a database in php. At the beggining i start use with mySQL, and it works perfectly. Then I'm migrate to Postgres and so i had some problems. I change my code and i don't receive erros,but when i'm trying to insert my elements into the db, this remains empty.

this the structure of my table Prenotazione

CREATE TABLE public."Prenotazione"
  id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('"Prenotazione_id_seq"'::regclass),
  nominativo character(20),
  email character(20),
  oggetto character(200),
  nominativoi character(200),
  nominativoe character(200),
  emaili character(200),
  emaile character(200),
  data date,
  orario_inizio time without time zone,
  orario_fine time without time zone,
  stanza integer

this is my index.php

<form method="post" action="input.php">
                        <b>&ensp;Richiedente Conferenza:</b><br><br>
                        &ensp;Nominativo:<br>&ensp;<input type="text" name="nominativo" placeholder="Nome Cognome" size="20"><br>
                        &ensp;Email: <br> &ensp;<input type="email" name="email" size="20" placeholder="email"><br>
                        &ensp;Oggetto Conferenza:<br>&ensp;<textarea name="oggetto" rows="5" cols="40" placeholder="Specificare oggetto Videoconferenza"></textarea><br>
                        &ensp;Data: <br>&ensp;<input  type="date" name="data"  ><br>
                        &ensp;Orario Inizio: <br>&ensp;<input type="time" name="orario_inizio" min="09:30:00" max="16:30:00" ><br>
                        &ensp;Orario Fine: <br>&ensp;<input type="time" name="orario_fine" min="10:00:00" max="18:30:00"><br>

                        <b>&ensp;Partecipanti Interni </b>
                <div id="interni">
                    <div id="first">
                        &ensp;Nominativo:<br>&ensp;<textarea name="nominativoi" rows="5" cols="30" placeholder="Nome Cognome;"  ></textarea><br>
                        &ensp;Email:<br>&ensp; <textarea  name="emaili" rows="5" cols="30" placeholder="Inserire Email"></textarea><br> 
                        <b>&ensp;Partecipanti Esterni </b>
                <div id="esterni">
                    <div id="first">
                               &ensp;Nominativo:<br>&ensp;<textarea name="nominativoe" rows="5" cols="30" placeholder="Nome Cognome;" ></textarea><br>
                                &ensp;Email:<br>&ensp;<textarea  name="emaile" rows="5" cols="30" placeholder="Inserire Email"></textarea><br> 
                    &ensp;&ensp;<input type="submit" value="Invia" > 

And finally the input.php

$checkdata = "SELECT count(*) as prenotato
  FROM Prenotazione
 WHERE data='$data'
   AND NOT ('$newTimeEnd' < orario_inizio OR orario_fine < '$orario_inizio')";

$querycheck = $dbh->prepare($checkdata);
$prenotato = $querycheck->fetch()[0];
if ($prenotato == 0 AND $stanza == 0 ) { 

    $query1 = "INSERT INTO Prenotazione (nominativo,email,data,orario_inizio,orario_fine,oggetto,nominativoi,emaili,nominativoe,emaile,stanza) VALUES ('$nominativo','$email','$data','$orario_inizio','$newTimeEnd','$oggetto','$nominativoi','$emaili','$nominativoe','$emaile',1)";
    $result1 = $dbh->prepare($query1);
    $rex = 1;
else if ($prenotato == 1){
    $query1 = "INSERT INTO Prenotazione (nominativo,email,data,orario_inizio,orario_fine,oggetto,nominativoi,emaili,nominativoe,emaile,stanza) VALUES ('$nominativo','$email','$data','$orario_inizio','$orario_fine','$oggetto','$nominativoi','$emaili','$nominativoe','$emaile',2)";
    $result1 = $dbh->prepare($query1);
    $rex = 1;

I posted the part that are interesting to the problem. Thanks

The result of var_dump is :

NULL string(269) "INSERT INTO Prenotazione (nominativo,email,data,orario_inizio,orario_fine,oggetto,nominativoi,emaili,nominativoe,emaile,stanza) VALUES ('username','[email protected]','2018-10-03','09:30','12:30','object','username1','[email protected]','username2','[email protected]',1)"




The problem is with your table name in double quotes. Don't use double quotes, or use them in every request.

You can verify your code here:

Also, see more: Omitting the double quote to do query on PostgreSQL

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: "Trying to get property of non-object" error with PHP 7 (worked in PHP 5.4)


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