Php inside foreach loop if $i == 1 echo "ok", else echo "ok" JUST one time and continue


its been a while (5 years) since my last time here making questions.

I need help, I'm developing an event calendar and I'm stuck in this. I want to have event header and event body, so far so good, but I just want one header if there are more than one event in each day. So today I've a dinner at 21h, my event should have Friday , November 23 and Dinner at 21h. Perfect, I can do this, but what about if I do have a meeting before dinner, at 19h? I want just one time the same header ... Friday, November 23 but 2 bodies...


my piece of code

foreach($eventos[$data_do_dia] as $evento) {
    $i = count($eventos[$data_do_dia]);
    if($i == 1) {
       $agenda .= " dia ".date("d-m-Y",strtotime($evento['dia']))."</b>";
       add the event
    } else {
        repeat the same but just one time
        $agenda .= " dia ".date("d-m-Y",strtotime($evento['dia']))."</b>";

        add event one
        add event two



I've changed the loop so that there isn't any repeated code, this basically means that if there is only one event, it converts into an array, assuming thatisset($evento[0]) will pick up there aren't sub-arrays, it wraps the one entry into a new array.

It then loops over the array and creates the string with the date/time/details. You will probably want to change the format, but the principle is the same...

$agenda = "";
foreach($eventos as $evento) {
    if ( !isset($evento[0]) )    {
        $evento = [$evento];
    $agenda .= " dia ".date("d-m-Y",strtotime($evento[0]['dia'])).PHP_EOL;
    foreach ( $evento as $time )    {
        $agenda .= " time ".$time['hora']." ".
            $time['titulo']." ".$time['evento'].PHP_EOL;
echo $agenda;

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