php - Instagram video fetching not working?


I am trying to show video from instagram,but its not working for me.I am giving the code below:

<?php foreach ($result->data as $post): ?>
        <!-- Renders images. @Options (thumbnail,low_resoulution, high_resolution) -->
        <a class="group" rel="group1" href="<?= $post->images->standard_resolution->url ?>"><img src="<?= $post->images->thumbnail->url ?>"></a>
    <?php endforeach ?>

Above code is performing well for image,any idea how to display video.If possible than suggest me about pagination also?




According to the doc of the API you can check if the media is an image or a video.

Then just check it before create your HTML, somethin like this should work:

<?php foreach ($result->data as $post) {
    if ($post->type == "image") { ?>
        <!-- Renders images. @Options (thumbnail,low_resoulution, high_resolution) -->
        <a class="group" rel="group1" href="<?php $post->images->standard_resolution->url ?>"><img src="<?= $post->images->thumbnail->url ?>"></a>
    <?php } 

    else { ?>
       <video width="640" height="480" controls="controls">
       <source src="<?= $post->videos->standard_resolution->url ?>" type="video/mp4">

} ?>

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