php - Issue with multiple mysql joins


I have 5 tables.

This is my table sequence

1. tbl_item_cate_values
2. tbl_cata_cate_multilang
3. tbl_catalog_category
4. tbl_data_type
5. tbl_cata_cate_type_mulitlang

JOIN linking

  1. tbl_item_cate_values.item_id = tbl_cata_cate_multilang.category_id
  2. = tbl_catalog_category.catalog_id
  3. tbl_catalog_category.data_type_id =
  4. tbl_cata_cate_type_mulitlang.category_id = tbl_cata_cate_multilang.category_id

JOIN 3 tbl_data_type.data_type_name is 'dropdown' so JOIN tables tbl_cata_cate_type_mulitlang.category_id = tbl_cata_cate_multilang.category_id otherwise JOIN only first 3 tables how can I do this, thank you advance.

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