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I know this question has been asked before but the solutions did not work for me. I am trying to save the new ordering of items to the database.

I have simplified it very considerably but this is the basic idea of it. I have a form with a sortable list embedded in it.

<form id="itemlist">
    <ul id="itemsort">
       <li id="Item_1">Item<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID01"/></li>
       <li id="Item_2">Item<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID02"/></li>
       <li id="Item_3">Item<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID03"/></li>
       <li id="Item_4">Item<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID04"/></li>

I have JQuery and JQuery UI Loaded and the The Following code enables the sortable list function and posts the item ids and New sort order to a php script. the "editor" variable is a public variable that is set on load it works fine. The sorting works fine but the neworder value that posts doesn't seem to change when I re-order the list.

//sorting feature  
    $("#itemsort").live('hover', function() {
            update : function () {          

                var neworder =  $('#itemsort').sortable('serialize');
                var inputs = serializePost('#itemlist');

                   'order': editor,
                   'inputs': inputs,
                   'neworder': neworder},function(){

                       alert("Order saved.", 1);


On actions.php...


            //set a variable for each post
            $batchid = $_POST['inputs']['itemid'];

            parse_str($_POST['neworder'], $neworder);

            //count the number of entries to be ordered
            $count = count($batchid);        

            //use the count to create an incremental loop for each item to be updated.
            while ($i <= $count) {

   $query ="UPDATE {$_POST['order']} SET order=$neworder[item][$i] WHERE id=$batchid[$i]";

I'm not sure why the order I get for each item will not change.

Any Ideas?





$("#list").live('hover', function() {

            update : function () {

                var neworder = new Array();

                $('#list li').each(function() {    

                    //get the id
                    var id  = $(this).attr("id");
                    //create an object
                    var obj = {};
                    //insert the id into the object
                    obj[] = id;
                    //push the object into the array


                $.post("pagewhereyouuselist.php",{'neworder': neworder},function(data){});


Then in your PHP file, or in this example "pagewhereyouuselist.php"

$neworderarray = $_POST['neworder'];
//loop through the list of ids and update your db
foreach($neworderarray as $order=>$id){    
    //you prob jave a connection already i just added this as an example
    $con = mysql_connect("host","username","password");

    if (!$con){
         die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

    mysql_select_db("my_db", $con);

    mysql_query("UPDATE table SET order = {$order} WHERE id = {$id}");


that should do it i didn't test it as it is an example connection. the actual script I am actually using is more specific to my program this is a simplified version to show the concept




Try this:

Your HTML fields

<form id="itemlist" method="POST">
    <ul id="itemsort">
        <li id="Item_1">Item 1<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID01"/></li>
        <li id="Item_2">Item 2<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID02"/></li>
        <li id="Item_3">Item 3<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID03"/></li>
        <li id="Item_4">Item 4<input type="hidden" name="itemid[]" value="itemsRowID04"/></li>

JS to send order:

$("#itemsort").live( 'hover', function() {
        update: function () {          
            var inputs = $('#itemlist').serialize();
            $.post("./jq-ui-test.php", inputs, alert("Order saved.") );

Saving order:

if( isset( $_POST['itemid'] ) && is_array( $_POST['itemid'] ) ) {
    foreach( $_POST['itemid'] as $order => $item ) {
        $order = intval( $order );
        $item_esc = mysql_real_escape_string( $item );
        $sql_query = "UPDATE {$_POST['order']} SET order={$order} WHERE id = '{$item_esc}'";

Also, if you want that start order start from 1 ( not from 0 ) change$order = intval( $order ); to$order = intval( $order ) + 1;

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: dom - PHP DOMXPath query using the innerHTML/nodeValue of an element to find and return the element


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