php - JSON not working in javascript ajax request


please your help, i have problem in my ajax request. i have return text data and i want to convert it to JSON using json_parse but it does't work

the data that return from the ajax request looks like this :

data = "{"name":"ehab","mobile":"xxx"}{"name":"Hamza","mobile":"zzzz"}"

i want to convert this data to json i use the following ajax request

                type: "POST",
                url: "getGroup.php",
                data: { "searchText" : number},
                 success: function(data)
                data = JSON.parse(data);

                error: function (error) {

if i use this way error message returns

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token {

my php array file

$sql ="select * from recipients where `groupid`='$searchText'";

        $res = mysql_query($sql);
        $num = mysql_num_rows($res);
        if(mysql_num_rows($res)> 0) 
                    for($i=0;$i<mysql_num_rows($res);$i++) {

                    $output =  array('name'=>$row['rec_name'],

                    echo json_encode($output);

please advice




The JSON is invalid


You cannot have two objects at the top level like that.

You could make it an array by wrapping it in{-code-2} and separating the entries with{-code-3}:


Then you'd access it like this:


Or using a loop{-code-3}{-code-6}{-code-3} etc.

Side note: If your server returns correctly-identified{-code-3} valid JSON{-code-3} jQuery will parse it for you before calling your{-code-7} function{-code-3} so no need for the{-code-8} in your code.



-----^|||[...]|||,|||[{"name":"ehab","mobile":"xxx"},{"name":"Hamza","mobile":"zzzz"}]|||console.log(data[0].name); // "ehab" console.log(data[1].name); // "Hamza"|||forEach|||success|||JSON.parse

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