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How do I validate a date in such a way that it only accepts today and any date older than today? I knowbefore:today accepts older dates whileafter:today accepts dates starting tomorrow on-wards.

 $rules = [
    'start_at'      => 'required|date|date_format:Y-m-d|after:yesterday',
    'end_at'        => 'required|date|date_format:Y-m-d|after:start_at',

I want to be able to start a task today and end today.




From my understanding, you want theend_at to on the same date or afterstart_at but not beforestart_at.

public function rules()
        return [
            'start_at'  => 'required|date|date_format:Y-m-d|after:yesterday',
            'end_at'    => 'required|date|date_format:Y-m-d|after:' . \Carbon\Carbon::parse($this->start_date)->subDay()->toDateString(),

What I have done so far, Theend_at need to be relevant with thestart_at (same or after thestart_at).

  1. I'm using Carbon to convert start_at into date.
  2. Subtract date by 1 day.
  3. Convert it back to string according to thestrtotime PHP function.

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