php - LARAVEL 5.6: catching exception inside a job class


I am trying to catch an exception inside a job but it seems the try/catch bock has no effect.

 * Execute the job.
 * @return void
public function handle()

    event(new JobProgressUpdate($progress, '', true, $this->broadcastChannel));
    foreach ($this->itemsId as $itemId) {
        $message='ITEM '.$itemId.': ';
        }catch(\Exception $e){

        event(new JobProgressUpdate($progress, $message, $success, $this->broadcastChannel));

The idea is to avoid the job to be marked as failed and just send a message of the exception to the client.

so the question is, How to catch exceptions inside a job handler???

I don't want to stop the execution, that's why i need to catch the exception.




it was just dumb question. The problem was initially namespace issue of the Exception class (initially i was not using the "\"). After that the job crashed with the line$message+=$e->getMessage(); This was replaced for$message=$message.$e->getMessage(); and now its working fine.

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