php - Laravel - A model is not passed to first() method's closure


I have a{-code-1} and I am callingfirst() method on it with a closure expecting a parameter say$model.

Upon execution, if I try to access a property of$model; it says:

Accessing property of non-object

I tried dumping$model and found that it has a integer1 instead ofObject.

$Collection->first( function($model) {
    if(!$model) return false;
    return $model->type == 'Test';



I just got it working. Thefirst() method's argument closure is provided with 2 variables. First one is the key and second one is the model. So, you will callfirst() method like below and if it satisfies the criteria you defined, just returntrue.

$result = $collection->first( function($i, $model) {
    // define criteria and return true if it satisfies. The model will now be returned in resulting Collection.

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