php - Laravel: Change filename when uploading using store()


I'm uploading files and by default uploaded filename are set tohashName(). How can I set it to customized?

$uploadfiles = $request->file('file');

foreach ($uploadfiles as $key => $value) {

    $file = $value->store('public/fca_files');
    //Something like $value->store('public/fca_files','May 2, 2018 Report.xlsx');

    $file_name_before = $value->getClientOriginalName();
    $file_ext = $value->getClientOriginalExtension();
    $file_name_after = $value->hashName();
    $file_size = $value->getClientSize();



You can use storeAs() and pass the filename in the 2nd argument

$file = $value->storeAs('public/fca_files', 'Your filename');

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