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I would like to know is it possible for me to edit columns before exporting my CSV file or not?

For example I have products table where hastitledescriptioncreated_atupdated_at what I want is to export something liketitlebody as you see here i removedcreated_at ,updated_at and also renamed mydescription column tobody is that possible?

I am using this package version 2.1.0 Info Graph

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Additional Information

currently I'm using default export code from samples, including no additional query etc. try to figure how should I change my code in order to export my data as I wish.

public function export() {
      $products = Product::all();
        Excel::create('products', function($excel) use($products) {
               $excel->sheet('sheet 1', function($sheet) use($products){

PS: what I try to create is exactly what this extension does in Magento,


As you can see in this extension we are able tochange default database column names,add/remove columns etc. (but i only need this two options), before export the data.


I managed to get my table columns names like:

Product model


and mycontroller is like:

public function export(Request $request) {
      $product = new Product;
      $list = $product->getTableColumns();
      //$products = Product::select($list)->get();

      // Excel::create('products', function($excel) use($products) {
        // $excel->sheet('sheet 1', function($sheet) use($products){
           // $sheet->fromArray($products);
        // });
      // })->export('xls');

my list dd

array:27 [▼
  0 => "id"
  1 => "title"
  2 => "slug"
  3 => "imageOne"
  4 => "imageTwo"
  5 => "short_description"
  6 => "description"
  7 => "price"
  8 => "meta_description"
  9 => "meta_tags"
  10 => "arrivalDays"
  11 => "height"
  12 => "weight"
  13 => "lenght"
  14 => "width"
  15 => "sku"
  16 => "stock"
  17 => "label"
  18 => "label_from"
  19 => "label_to"
  20 => "label_color"
  21 => "status_id"
  22 => "brand_id"
  23 => "category_id"
  24 => "subcategory_id"
  25 => "created_at"
  26 => "updated_at"


  1. How to I get to edit this column namesbefore export my file?
  2. How do I get checkbox for each column? (explanation below)


I need checkbox for each column to say this column be included export file or not.

example I will uncheckcreated_at column so it will not be included my exported CSV file.


Ok, I get it to work with my custom names. There is tiny issue:

My data row will repeat twice in excel file.


I edited5 columns of my database and I got10



This is my updated code:

public function export(Request $request) {
      $products = Product::all();
      Excel::create('products', function($excel) use($products, $request) {
        $excel->sheet('sheet 1', function($sheet) use($products, $request){

          $ddd = $request->except('_token');
          foreach($ddd as $fff){
            $ddd[] = $fff;

            $sheet->fromArray($products, null, 'A1', false, false);
            $sheet->row(1, $ddd);
      return redirect()->back();

any idea?




Can you not transform the data before creating the excel sheet? For example:

$products = Product::select(
    'subject as title', 
    'body as description'


From your provided updates, it'd be something like this:

public function export(Request $request)
     $list = [];
     foreach($request->columns as $column){
         $list[] = $column->DatabaseHeadingName . ' as ' . $column->CustomHeadingName;

    $products = Product::select($list)->get();

    Excel::create('products', function($excel) use($products) {
        $excel->sheet('sheet 1', function($sheet) use($products){

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