php - laravel FormBuilder getMethod issue


The getMethod function implementation does not accept all HTTP verbs exceptPOST,GET? My use case is this

  • Form open to an update resource, so method should bePUT.
  • I built one access control library to check if the user has access to the { resource, method }
  • I am usinggetMethod() to get method name, but it always returnsPOST even if the parameter sent isPUT.
  • As this is returningPOST always,ACL always returnsNO_ACCESS

Any reason whygetMethod() is written this way?




First, I would check to make sure your web server allows PUT requests. I had an issue with the web server only allowing GET and POST by default.

I'm assuming you're doing something likeif( Request::getMethod() == 'POST' )?

Since laravel's Request class extends Symfony's you can try usingRequest::isMethod('post'). This is my preference and it reads better IMO.

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