php - Laravel get view name of rendered route


Is here a way to achieve that : I want to check in AppServiceProvider, name of rendered view.

So, for example :

  1. User enters at/home, for that route in controller itreturn view('website.home');
  2. From AppServiceProvider get current route, and get view name that is rendered.



I don't know that it's possible to get the view name in theAppServiceProvider, as that runs prior to a view being created in the route's respective controller method. You can get the name of the view within the controller, however, after it's been created:

$view = view('website.home');
$name = $view->getName();
return $view;

The current route name is accessible within the service provider using:


// or



Actually this would probably be doable with a view composer and a wildcard match on the view:

// AppServiceProvider boot method
public function boot()
    view()->composer('*', function($view) {
        view()->share('viewName', $view->getName());

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