php - Laravel: method to set the value of a custom primary key


MyDocument model has a custom primary key name, so I typed:

class Document extends Model {

    protected $primaryKey = 'fluxo_mensagem_id';

After this, I suppose Laravel to know my primary key name and then I wouldn't expected to have to type it manually every time I need to set its value. Something like:

$document = new Document;

Instead of:

$document = new Document;
$document->fluxo_mensagem_id = $pivot->id;

For more details, my partial ER diagram:

enter image description here

Question 1

Laravel provides some method to set primary key values dynamically after custom names defined on model class?

Question 2

Ondocument table, the columnfluxo_mensagem_id is a foreign key that referencesidfluxo_mensagem pivot (intermediate) table. There's some way to "associate" (as we can do with Belongs To relationships)Pivot object to aDocument model?

For example:

  $pivot = $mensagem->fluxos()->first()->pivot;
  $document = new Document;

This would fit the problem because his intention is to set the foreign key on the child model.




Regarding Question 1: You can set the primary key value as any other, but you need to set the $incrementing = false, otherwise it'll be saved as 0.

 * Indicates if the IDs are auto-incrementing.
 * @var bool
public $incrementing = false;

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