php - laravel raw query doesn't return results


i have the code below

$id = 1;
$idz = 3;
$nums = DB::select(DB::raw('select * from chat_user where user_id in (?, ?) and chat_id in (select chat_id from chat_user group by chat_id having count(*) > 1)'), array($id, $idz));
return $nums->count();

here i have a table named "user_chat" and i want to find out if i select two rows by their "user_id" do they have the same "chat_id". the code works fine when i test it in phpmyadmin's sql section and return the result.

select * from chat_user where user_id in (1, 3) and chat_id in (select chat_id from chat_user group by chat_id having count(*) > 1)

but when i write it in laravel's style i get this error:

Call to a member function count() on a non-object

any help would be really great!




DB::select returns an array, not an object.

Usecount($nums) instead.




when you useDB::select(), the returned thing is the result. not the query builder object.

you can tackle this in three ways.

  • run anotherSELECT COUNT(id)....
  • if you are selecting ALL the rows, then count the items in array.
  • change it to query builder.

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