php - Limit in foreach?


I didnt found a solution for my problem. With the following code I scan files in a folder. I see only 601 entries. Is there any limit in foreach, select or scandir?

$ordner = "../picture/";
$alledateien = scandir($ordner);
foreach ($alledateien as $datei) {
$dateiinfo = pathinfo($ordner."/".$datei);
$size = ceil(filesize($ordner."/".$datei)/1024); 
if ($datei != "." && $datei != ".."  && $datei != "_notes") { 
<option value="<?php echo $dateiinfo['filename'] . "." . $dateiinfo['extension']; ?>"><?php echo $dateiinfo['filename']; ?> (<?php echo $dateiinfo['extension']; ?> | <?php echo $size ; ?>kb)</option>



start from

$dateiinfo = pathinfo($ordner."/".$alledateien[$k]);
// .. Your Code

Limit is when the condition gets satisfies . Depends on you how you set it in a loop .

If you give aprint_r($alledateien) you will get to see two extra files. and.. , those arecurrent directory andparent directory. To ignore start the loop from 2.

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