php - Load Laravel View with Placeholders before SQL Query Completes


I'm loading a view which contains results from a large SQL query which takes 10 seconds to load. It concerns users because it seems like the server is unresponsive.

Can I load the view with SQL placeholders and load the SQL results on the page after the view is loaded?

//web.php route 

Route::get('/results', '[email protected]');

//[email protected]

  public function showResults() {

    $vw = Cache::remember('vwResultsCache',3,function(){

        return $query = DB::table('vwResults')->first();

    $count1 = $vw->count1;

    $count2 = $vw->count2;

    $count3 = $vw->count3;

    return view ('backend.results', compact('count1','count2','count3'));


 //backend.results view

     <span> Welcome to the page</span>




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