php - Load the page content using jQuery?


Using jQuery load html forms dynamically using append function. Here the following code load the page content dynamically based on number times of values on while loop.

Here I have a struggle on load the content with different values.its working with single value of 0 or 1 on var load_with_value=0; but not on both simultaneously i.e. increment the load_with_value++ for again load the page content of HTML forms.

$(document).ready(function(e) {
    $("<DIV>").load("<?php echo $url; ?>", function() //url for loading page
        var n = $('.item').length + 1;           //load the html page content 
        var i = 1;                              //iteration for number of times load the content
        var count = 2;                         //check the condition
        var load_with_value = 0;              //load the page content with different values for display different values on html form  

        while(i<count) {                      //loop starts



First of all let's do some proper code formatting and get rid of the incorrect comments:

$(document).ready(function(e) {
    $("<DIV>").load("<?php echo $url; ?>", function() {
        var n = $('.item').length + 1;           
        var i = 1;                              
        var count = 2; 
        var load_with_value = 0;           
        while(i<count) {

Now let's take it apart:

If you want to use a temporary element to store the loaded data you need to assign it to a variable, so instead of

$("<DIV>").load("<?php echo $url; ?>", function() {


var tempObject = $("<div/>").load("<?php echo $url; ?>", function() {

Afterwards you can append the temporary element to an existing one with$('#someExistingElement').append(tempObject).

If you want to load the content into an existing element you should use it's ID, class or other selector to do this - not$("<div>").. If you want to load it to all div elements (please don't) then it should be$("div").

Nextvar n = $('.item').length + 1; makes no sense. It is never used in the code.

While cycle in this case is unnecessary. Don't use while cycles if you don't have to. You can use:

for(var i=0; i<count; i++){

What isvar load_with_value = 0; used for? I can only see you incrementing it withload_with_value++; but you don't use it anywhere..

Finally if you want to load different content based on the incremented variable it should be done outside of the.load function.. For example

    for(var i=0; i<5; i++){
        $('#container-' + i).load('/somecontent-' + i + '.html');

This loads the content/somecontent-0.html to/somecontent-4.html into container elements with IDscontainer-0 tocontainer-4 respectively.

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