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We're creating an application in Symfony2 that is localized to Dutch and English. Now I know how to customize the Symfony error pages, but can't find how to translate the errorpages anywhere. I've tried to use thetrans filter in the error templates, but it doesn't seem to use my translations file.

Also I can't find any option to make multiple error pages, one for each language, and localize them.

Does anyone know if this is possible at all, I can imagine that it's hard to implement because the error could be thrown due translation errors. But if it is I would love a hint or link on how to do this correctly.




You can try make use of global variables (app.request.locale or app.session.locale before symfony 2.1) which are available in templates.

{% if app.request.locale == 'nl' %}
    some error message
{% else %}
    error message in other language
{% endif %}

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