php - Making a followers system


I am trying to make an app with followers and I am having some trouble to see in the view the people that i am following

this is the user model :

public function books(){
      return $this->hasMany('App\Book', 'book_id');

    public function follows() {
        return $this->hasMany(Follow::class);
    public function isFollowing($target_id)
        return (bool)$this->follows()->where('target_id', $target_id)->first(['id']);

and this is the follow model

class Follow extends Model
  protected $fillable = ['target_id'];

    public function user()
        return $this->belongsTo(User::class);

this is the FollowController

public function follow(User $user)
        if (!Auth::user()->isFollowing($user->id)) {
            // Create a new follow instance for the authenticated user
                'target_id' => $user->id,

            return back()->with('success', 'You are now friends with '. $user->name);
        } else {
            return back()->with('error', 'You are already following this person');


and this is the userController

public function showOwnProfile()

      $user = User::find($usuarioLog->id);
      $follow=Follow::where("target_id","=",$usuarioLog["id"] )->get();
      $following=Follow::where("user_id","=",$usuarioLog["id"] )->get();

      $userBooks = Book::where('user_id', '=', $usuarioLog["id"])->get();

      $vacUser = compact('user', 'follow','following','myBooks','usuarioLog');

      return view("/profile", $vacLibros, $vacUser);

and finally the view (where I want to visualize the people that i am following)

<h1>lista de seguidos</h1>

   @forelse ($following as $following_user) //??????

   <p> <a class="page_speed_1999944662"  href="/normalProfile/{{$following_user}}"> {{//?????}}</a></p>

   <p> No sigues a nadie</p>



You need to put the column in the{{}} put what you're calling column here

<p> <a class="page_speed_1999944662" href="/normalProfile/{{$following_user->column}}"> {{//?????}}</a></p>

Since I don't know what your column name is I just put column so you edit that one.

I'm not knowledgable in relationship query but try this:

$following=Follow::where("user_id","=",$usuarioLog["id"] )
->join('users', '', '=', 'follow.target_id')

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