php - mix random with two mysql tables


The concept is very simple, but I need help because cannot make this work.

I have 2 tables

name   last       hours
Mario  Rossi      8
Mario  Bianchi    8
Mario  Galli      4
Luigi  Masso      4

and the times

in      out               tot
08.00   16.00             8
09.00   17.00             8
10.00   18.00             8
11.00   19.00             8
08.00   12.00             4
09.00   13.00             4
10.00   14.00             4
11.00   15.00             4

I want this output:

Mario Rossi: random in/random out    
Mario Bianchi: random in/random out 
Mario Galli: random in/random out
Luigi Masso: random in/random out 

in the range of the join hours=tot tables




Here is one method that selects an appropriate randomin time and then calculates theout time:

select, t1.last,
       (select in
        from table2 t2
        where t2.tot = t1.hours
        order by rand()
        limit 1
      ) as randomIn,
      addtime(randomin, t1.hours) as randomOut
from table1 t1;

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