php - MSSQL guid to string


I'm using Laravel 5.1 on Ubuntu PHP5.6 and the GUID to string conversion is working just fine. However on my development environment in PHP 7 it's pritining out like how it used to when I had to use the old mssql driver that came with php.

So all my string comparisons are failing on 7 for GUID's saved in mysql.

My gut says that some PDO setting that's not being set correctly. The query in question is using the DB class to fetch data through a raw sql. I think Eloquent is rendering correctly, I've not seen this problem before and I've been using it throughout (this is an older code base before I leaned additional tricks I currently use to work with this database)

Any ideas where I can start looking.




Turns out it was the particular set of credentials and set up for the software that was causing the byte problem. I was logging in fine but changing the connection string fixed the problem.

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: javascript - database query fails randomly, cannot replicate on my machine


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