php - Multiple If-Else statement skipping the other statements


The problem is that I can't reach the 3rd "else if statement" where the scenario is like this:
I have 3 textboxes in HTML -> minimum value, maximum value and search keyword. if the 2 textbox has values I want to reach the 3rd if I put values in 2 textboxes, but what's happening is it's only returning to the 1st if statement.

    $price_min = $_POST['price_min'];
    $price_max = $_POST['price_max'];
    $keyword = $_POST['keyword'];
    $sql = 'SELECT * FROM products ';
    if (!empty($price_min)) {
      $sql .='WHERE price >='.$price_min;
    } else if (!empty($price_max)) {
      $sql .='WHERE price <='.$price_max;
    } else if (!empty($price_min) && !empty($price_max)) {
      $sql .='WHERE price BETWEEN '.$price_min.' AND '.$price_max;
    } else if (!empty($keyword) && !empty($price_min)) {
      $sql .='WHERE (tags LIKE "%'.$keyword.'%") AND (price >='.$price_min.')';
    } else if (!empty($keyword) && !empty($price_max)) {
      $sql .='WHERE (tags LIKE "%'.$keyword.'%") AND (price <='.$price_max.')';
    } else if (!empty($keyword) && (!empty($price_min) AND !empty($price_max)) {
      $sql .='WHERE (tags LIKE "%'.$keyword.'%") AND (price BETWEEN '.$price_min.' AND '.$price_max.')';
    } else {
      echo "all are empty// ";



else if is only executed if the previousif condition was false. A series ofif/else if will stop at the first true condition. So this should only be used when the conditions are mutually exclusive. If both$price_min and$price_max are filled in, the firstif will succeed, so it won't perform any of theelse if tests. You should test for both being set before checking for either of them by themselves.

iif (!empty($price_min) && !empty($price_max)) {
    $sql .='WHERE price BETWEEN '.$price_min.' AND '.$price_max;
} else if (!empty($price_min)) {
  $sql .='WHERE price >='.$price_min;
} else if (!empty($price_max)) {
  $sql .='WHERE price <='.$price_max;

However, a much better way to do this is to just check for one variable at a time, and then collect all theWHERE conditions at the end.

$conditions = [];

if (!empty($price_min)) {
    $conditions[] = 'price >='.$conn->real_escape_string($price_min);
if (!empty($price_max)) {
    $conditions[] = 'price <='.$conn->real_escape_string($price_min);
if (!empty($keyword)) {
    $conditions[] = 'tags LIKE "%'.$conn->real_escape_string($keyword).'%"';

if (!empty($conditions)) {
    $sql .= 'WHERE ' . implode(' AND ', $conditions);

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