php - My 301 Redirect redirects without slash after the .dot


We just copied our site to a new url. To preserve the links we're trying to 301 redirect the old urls to the new website.

My htacces code looks like this

Redirect 301 /
Redirect 301 /verhuur-grondverzet-minigraver-15ton-verhuur/

When navigating to the initial link, the browser redirects me to:

https://www.bpmverhuur.nlverhuur-grondverzet-minigraver-15ton-verhuur This misses the slash after the .nl How could I fix this?

Thanks in advance!




Try this

Redirect 301 /verhuur-grondverzet-minigraver-15ton-verhuur/



TheURL-path argument forRedirect is treated as a prefix.

Redirect 301 /

So this affects all requests that start with/.

Then any request beginning with URL-path will return a redirect request to the client at the location of the target URL. Additional path information beyond the matched URL-path will be appended to the target URL.

This means, if/foobar gets requested, the additional path information beyond the matched URL-path will be justfoobar. And you specified as the base this should be appended to, so you end up withhttps://www.bpmverhuur.nlfoobar. So you should add a trailing slash to this base, to fix that issue.

And then switch the order of your directives - so that/verhuur-grondverzet-minigraver-15ton-verhuur/ gets taken care of first. You need to go most specific first, less specific later.

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