PHP MySQL dont get last selected


i have a mysql Table with some rows.

The Select gets one (LIMIT 1) row. After a counter it reloads and get random another row. But sometimes he get the same (cause random).

How can i setup that he dont get the last row? The problem is, i cannot do that in mysql. I must do that in the SESSION or only on that site.

I tried that:

    $_SESSION['ads'] .= ','.$adid;

put that adid in "ads" SESSION and read it before SELECT here

$ads = substr($_SESSION['ads'], 1);
$ads = str_replace(",", "','", $_SESSION['ads']);

In the SELECT is that

AND id NOT IN ('".$ads."')

But sometimes, i dont know why, he save two items or something... i dont find out why, cause the SELECT is LIMIT 1

Any ideas how to do that or is there a mysql function?

For any reason, the script is load two times the SELECT or something This is the code:

$query = "SELECT * FROM ads ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1;";
while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
    $adid = $row["id"];
    $_SESSION['ads'][] = $adid;
echo 'adid: '. $adid;

There he print like that:

    [0] => 6
    [1] => 3

I dont know, why he puts 2 in there. Cause the echo of the $adid shows only one!




Try something like this maybe :

1/ Create a new session and create an empty array :


if (empty($_SESSION['ads']))
    $_SESSION['ads'] = array();

2/ Do you select and add the id in this array :

if (empty($_SESSION['ads']) {
    // 1. Do your select with no where condition 

    // 2. Fetch the result
    $data = /* result of the select */;

    // 3. Add the selected id in your session array
    $_SESSION['ads'][] = $data['id'];

} else {
    // 1. Do your select but with a WHERE condition
    $query = "SELECT...
              WHERE id NOT IN ( " . implode( "', '" , $_SESSION['ads'] ) . " )";

    // 2. Fetch the result
    $data = /* result of the select */;

    // 3. Add the selected id in your session array
    $_SESSION['ads'][] = $data['id'];


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