php - MySQL query code using the OR for two different fields with Web Service


Normally I can figure this out, but the format looks a bit different then what I am used to. I have a web service using php with CodeIgnighter. The function looks like this:

    function getCurrentSales($office_id)
        $CI =& get_instance();

        //Get the properties
        $where = array('field_SaleOfficeCode'=>$office_id);
        $where = array('field_ListOfficeCode'=>$office_id);
        $result = $CI->properties->getCurrentSales($where); 
        $properties = $result->result_array();

        foreach($properties as $p){
            //Get property images
            $where = array('ListingKey'=>$p['UniqueKey']);
            $property_arr[] = $p;

            return  $property_arr;


What I am trying to do is return rows wherefield_ListOfficeCode orfield_ListOfficeCode have the value of$office_id. As it is now, only whenfield_ListOfficeCode=>$office_id, not when one or the other equals the value.

Models Method Code:

function getCurrentSales($where = null) {

    $this->db->select('field_ListingKey as UniqueKey,
                        field_LocaleListingStatus as Status,
                        field_CloseDate as ClosingDate,
                        field_ContractDate as ContractDate,
                        field_ListingID as MLS,
                        TRIM("#VARIES" from field_FullStreetAddress) as StreetAddress,
                        field_ListPrice as Price,
                        field_ListOfficeCode as BrokerID,
                        if(field_Beds != "", field_Beds, 0) as NumBeds,
                        if(field_BathsFull != "", field_BathsFull, 0) as NumFullBaths,
                        if(field_BathsHalf != "", field_BathsHalf, 0) as NumHalfBaths,
                        field_InternetRemarks as PropertyRemarks,
                        field_ListOfficeName as ListingOfficeName,
                        field_ListPicture3URL as MainPhoto,
                        CONCAT(field_ListAgentNickname, " ", field_ListAgentLastName, " ", (if(field_ListAgentNameSuffix = "NULL", field_ListAgentNameSuffix, ""))) as ListingAgent,
                        CONCAT(field_SaleAgentNickname, " ", field_SaleAgentLastName, " ", (if(field_SaleAgentNameSuffix = "NULL", field_SaleAgentNameSuffix, ""))) as SalesAgent,
                        CONCAT(field_City, ", ", field_State, " ", field_PostalCode) as AreaAddress', false);


    if($where != null){
        $this->db->where($where, false);
        $this->db->where('YEAR(field_ContractDate) = YEAR(NOW())', NULL, false);
        $this->db->where('MONTH(field_ContractDate) = MONTH(NOW())', NULL, false);

    $this->db->order_by('ContractDate', 'desc'); //get random row

    $query = $this->db->get();
    return $query;     



I'm not familiar with CodeIgniter, but I would suspect your problem is with these two lines

$where = array('field_SaleOfficeCode'=>$office_id);
$where = array('field_ListOfficeCode'=>$office_id);

You aren't actually building up an array of where clauses, but rather overriding the first assignment with the second, which explains why you are only getting results that matchfield_ListOfficeCode == $office_id

Depending on how CodeIgniter expects these where clauses to be formed, I would assume it should be something like

$where = array(

Or from a quick look at the documentation

$where = array(

And then in yourgetCurrentSales function, it should be


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