php - Mysql search tables find datetime fields and change timezone


I have tables in my legacy database that stored dates in CST format. Now I want to store them in UTC.

I want to create a script/query, in mysql, that would search my database for tables withdatetime fields and then convert the values there to UTC.

A script that would do this without having to write table names would be fun.

I have the query to convert time zone withCONVERT_TZ, that is not a problem with me. But I want a script that searches through the database for tables and fields that has datetime as data type and then run the script on those fields.

Any idea how I can do that? Any reference would be nice, doesn't have to be code.




Fetch the columns first, traverse the array to decide if it matches theType you want.

Then make the update is just fine.

$db = new Mysqli("host", "user", "pass", "db");

$column_query = $db->query("SHOW COLUMNS IN table");
if ($column_query->num_rows != 0){
    while ($column = $column_query->fetch_object()){
        if ($column->Type != 'datetime')
        $db->query("UPDATE table SET {$column->Field}=CONVERT_TZ({$column->Field}, 'timezoneFrom', 'timezoneTo' )");

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