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My scalable osclass app need IP address of MYSQL.I try every thing to find out MYSQL IP but not get it. Following things i tried to find IP:

  1. rhc port-forward -a <appname> command but it show openshift IP address ofHAPROXY andhttpd not for Mysql.

  2. Then buddy niharvey suggest me to ssh into app and type commandenv | grep MYSQL but result still not show ip address

(3) I even Type URL of MySQL instead of IP what i get from 2 try in osclass database setup page but it not working.

(4) I also try method and edit config-sample.php file of osclass. as wordpess and osclass quite similar but that also not works.

I also post thread on openshift but no reply:(

My question how i get this.I think OPENSHIFT team also allow free tier user to Add PHPMYADMIN for scalble app.




Since you are using a scalable application, your IP is actually a fully qualified domain name, you need to use the values of the OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST and OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT environment variables that are shown above.

AND< you should remove that screenshot, since scalable applications database gears are available to all gears on openshift, you are broadcasting your username and password to everyone on the internet...

And if this is your thread on openshift ( we did reply to you, you failed to give any details in your forum thread for us to be able to help you.




SSH into your app using commandrhc ssh <app> after ssh into your app, type inenv | grep MYSQL then findOPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST and copy the value it has something like thisOPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST = 56********************43-<domain> you need the second part, which is56********************43-<domain> then while you are still inside the shell (ssh) of your app, ping the address you just got,ping 56********************43-<domain> . the resulting IP is the MYSQL server IP. I usually use the port inOPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_URL attached to the ip.

This may (not sure) differ in different apps.

You can extract the value ofOPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_URL from theenv | grep MYSQL command I described above.

The value is something similar to thisOPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_URL=mysql://<MySQLusername>:<MySQLpassword>@56********************43-<domain>

You could extract all the required info from here too.

Good luck on using it!

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