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I am very new to PHP, but have done some reading on it. I have tried this varies ways and can't find a solution, but feel that there should definitely be one.

I am trying to display a SQL table with PHP - this is easy, I know. Next I am displaying all my data (images) in columns to run vertically (to make it display nicely). - for it to run display in columns, this is what my mind came up with:

  • get the amount of data in SQL database (25 rows for example) $dataoutput
  • divide it by 4 (4 columns) $dataoutput / 4 = 5
  • display the table with a FOR function (run only if SQL result is smaller than the result (5)
  • add a at the end of the 5 outputted images.
  • Get the process to start all over again for 4 times (4 columns).

I've changed the code back to the basics - so it will works again.


    $sql = "SELECT * FROM allthaimgs ORDER BY id ASC";
    $result = $conn->query($sql);

    if ($result->num_rows > 0) {
      // output data of each row
      while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {


    <div >

      <div >
        <img src="../imgs/galary/zoom.png" >
        <div ></div>
        <img src="../imgs/galary/imgs/<?php echo $row["imgs"];?>" onclick="openModal();currentSlide(<?php echo $row["id"];?>)" >


    } else {
      echo "0 results";


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