php - PDO and Escaping Input: Is this the safest way?


I wanting to check myself before I go live. I read so many different things on the internet but I want to know if this will absolutely protect my code for SQL Injection. If not, what do I need to add or take away?

$idtoapprove = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['idtoapprove']);

$getcity = $conn->prepare('SELECT city, state FROM needs WHERE ID=:idtoapprove');
$getcity->bindParam(':idtoapprove', $idtoapprove);

$cityrow = $getcity->fetch();
$needcity = $cityrow['city'];
$needstate = $cityrow['state'];

echo "$needcity, $needstate";



No need formysql_real_escape_string here, actually, it's flat-out wrong (it's from a different, deprecated database library) and can damage your data. (Also, it would be ineffective here anyway -mysql_real_escape_string() is for escaping strings, it is useless for integers.)

The PDO prepared statement is enough.

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